Courses taught at the ECCS are tailored in close cooperation with our European partner universities in order to ensure a successful integration into the curricula of their respective programs. Besides providing students with the language and culture courses listed below, the ECCS office assists students with gaining access to regular courses at Peking University.

Course Name Contents of the Course Books used
Kewen 课文 Our basic language course  
Kouyu 口语 Conversation in small groups  
Guhan 古汉 Classical Chinese  
Jingji 经济 Business Chinese  
Baokan 报刊 Chinese Media  
Huanbao 环保 Course on topics of ecology and environment  
Lishi 历史 Chinese History with a focus on Beijing  
Wenhua 文化 Chinese Culture in theory and practice  
Shenmei 审美 Chinese Art and Poetry  
HSK 汉语水平考试 Preparation for HSK exams of different levels  
Shufa 书法 Chinese Calligraphy  
Shuqi xuexiao 暑期学校 The basic course of our Summer School